Gangeshwar Singh,Eminent Writer

Eminent Writer

Gangeshwar Singh

As a Poet

Palamu Fort, Jharkhand

Palamu Fort, Jharkhand

Palamu Ki Dharti Apani, Gagan Apna
Purkho Ke Rakt Sinchit Chaman Apna.

English Translation

"The Earth of Palamu is ours, Sky is ours too.
Beautiful Land nourished by Blood of our Ancestors."

Gangeshwar Singh, Eminent Writer

Born on Feb.16, 1962 at Meral Village in Palamu a Revenue District falling under erstwhile Bihar Province now in Jharkhand (India). Brought up in the lap of nature as Palamu is rightly called the Nature's Cradle. The Village Meral is situated on the confluence of two rocky rivers. Got primary education at his village school and done his Higher Secondary and Graduation from his Home TownMedininagar. Nature moulded him and shaped his temperament. Literature, music and painting fascinated him right from his early childhood. Sur, Tulsi, Rahim, Jayasi, Kabir, Raskhan, Nirala and Pant were his favourites. He used to take inspiration from these great poets and compose poems.

Imagination, dreams and reality started clashing. To fulfil his larger dream of cracking UPSCCompetitive Examination he went to Prayag and ultimately selected for IPS in 1987.He had Hindi Literature as one of the optional subjects in the UPSC (main) Examination. And allotted West Bengal state Cadre.

Blessed enough to boast
Being a creature of Nature
With a destined feature
And distinct signature.

Gangeshwar Singh, Eminent Writer

Even in the daily humdrum of life he found time to write. Thus, it became possible to compose and publish poems, prose, essays, dance-dramas. A heart passionate about writing mingled with life full of experiences has given him this faculty to express. Writing is not an option but a passion for him. His literary journey in Hindi is self-fulfilling. He thus does not have any expectation from his writing at the same time he cannot supress the urge to write, create and compose. Writing is oxygen for him.

Three and half decades of service has given him immense name, fame and respect. Privileged to have successfully handled very challenging charges in different ranks, including Corona times (2020-2022), indeed very tragic time!!

Saw life’s incident with kid’s eye.
Believe me not telling a lie.
Success failure, pain-gain,
Pulls pressure.
All amounted lessor.

“There are oppressors and oppressed in the society. There exists a system to maintain order in the society broadly comprising of legislative, Judiciary and Executive. Police, Courts, Media, Social organizations with their different mandate, agenda, rights and limitation play a vital role in maintaining order. More often than not, they all work in opposite direction. Such situations have taught me a lot. In fact, these everyday events and characters, contradictory and corresponding circumstances have moved me to take up pen. In my creativity my imaginations may take wings; my silhouettes may take character, improbable may happen; but a true, life like, openness will be there too.”

Never allowed passion
To be slain for gain.
It remained my life’s
Main aim
Endeavour not went in vain.